The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough Step-By-Step Guide

For an experienced MMO player, an elder scrolls online walkthrough will look a bit odd. MMO walkthroughs usually focus on the key parts of the game: quests and dungeons. They may tell you what equipment you should have to complete a given level, or give recommendations on ideal point spreads, but you are far more likely to see PvP information in a walkthrough than crafting information. At least,for most MMOs.

Walkthroughs for ESO do things differently. In fact, any good walkthrough should have the equivalent of a small eso crafting guide tucked away in its pages. Crafting is critical for success in ESO. It’s not a sideline that you can do for fun or to fill time with extra (often pointless) quests. Crafting is how you beat the game.

In most MMOs, crafted equipment is decent, but the really good stuff comes from quest rewards and enemy drops. Anyone can craft decent armor, but for epic armor you need to beat the 1- man raid into the depths of horror and defeat the lurking evil. Or if you are in the lower levels, just kill a few orcs. In ESO, with the exception of a few very high-level drops, the best equipment comes from crafting. Anyone can kill a few orcs and get decent armor, but for epic armor you need to find the secret crafting location hidden deep in Tamriel, gather ingredients mundane and mystical, and use all your skill to create armor the gods would envy.

So any ESO Guide with a walkthrough is going to include all the info you need to take your crafting up to 11. In fact it will probably include a brief eso alchemy guide as well. Alchemy is one of the most popular crafts for a reason–it is insanely useful.

Every elder scrolls online guide is different; one step-by-step guide may be about getting to level 50 as fast as possible, and another maybe about how to defeat all the veteran levels dungeons. But if they are any good, all of them will include at least the minimum crafting info you need to reach your goal.

If you are thinking of picking up a step-by-step guide, keep in mind that just because on first glance it looks like the author wasted his time going on about something that you don’t need just to get to Veteran Levels, or beat a dungeon, keep in mind that ESO isn’t like other MMOs. What looks unnecessary may actually be very necessary.

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