Elder Scrolls Online Nightblade Class Guide For Builds & Leveling

If you play or want to play a rogue-style character in ESO, you need to check out this elder scrolls online nightblade guide. Where Templar’s are paladins of the son, DragonKnights are a weird monk/fighter/dragon hybrid (actually that does sound pretty cool), and Sorcerers are, well, sorcerers, Nightblades are the sneaks and assassins of ESO. If your preferred play style involves sneaking around enemies rather than charging through them, taking the big boss from ambush or using poison to weaken your foes before taking them down, this book is for you.

Like all classes in ESO, you can do a lot with your rogue. The class system is flexible enough you can build almost anything you can imagine. The question is, will everything you can imagine actually work in-game? Having a good eso nightblade build is the difference between tearing through your enemies, and getting torn up. A good build guide, like this one, will show you some of the best elder scrolls online Nightblade builds, and also how to customize those builds to suit you.

Of course, having a good build is only part of leveling. A leveling guide needs to include information like which quests are absolutely critical, tips for beating touch bosses or dungeons, and how to find hidden crafting locations that can be the key to victory or defeat. Different classes will have different leveling experiences. An assassin rogue will have trouble with bosses that a paladin wouldn’t think twice about–but a paladin will be in big trouble for a quest that involves sneaking through an enemy camp. Picking up a class specific leveling guide can make a big difference in how helpful the guide is.

With a good build, and a good leveling guide, you can easily tear through the first 50 levels of ESO (no one tears through the Veteran Levels!). Just remember: there is no one best nightblade build, eso is highly customizable in part because no two players are the same. So don’t look for the best build, or the perfect leveling guide. Look for the best build for you, the leveling guide that works with your play style.

Ready to start taking Tamriel by storm? Then don’t get this guide–storms are noisy, slow, and have bad aim. If you want to sneak through the hills and cities, taking your enemies by surprise, this is guide for you.

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